AshGrid™ Spacer System

Thermal insulation
The AshGrid™ Spacer System is a high performance non-combustible spacer system that meets the SANS 10400-XA legislation requirements.
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The AshGrid™ Spacer System is a non-combustible metal spacer system that protects insulation from compression, maintaining full thermal resistance without the risk of fire. The spacer system is designed for use in new and existing buildings.

When used with Factorylite®, the Ashgrid Spacer System maximizes the performance of the insulation roll by protecting it from compression.

Key Facts


  • Accommodates any insulation thickness required by the current SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency Legislation.
  • Safe-Loc™ spigots – fast, secure and safe bar joints
  • No need for bar end fixings - saving time and cost
  • Allows continuous load transfer throughout the bar run
  • High performance brackets with deeper ribs for improved structural performance
  • Brackets include an EPDM base pad to eliminate thermal breaks
  • Quick, easy and safe insertion of brackets from the side or from the bar ends
  • Brackets can be easily repositioned if required

Product variations

Articles information
Name SKU Length (mm) Width (mm) Height Thickness (mm)
NameAshgrid AG40 SKU26038 Length (mm)1800 Width (mm)40 Height40 Thickness (mm)1.25
NameAshgrid AG40 SKU26039 Length (mm)2400 Width (mm)40 Height40 Thickness (mm)1.25
NameAshgrid bracket SKU26040 Height85 Thickness (mm)1.6
NameAshgrid bracket SKU26041 Height110 Thickness (mm)1.6
NameAshgrid bracket SKU26042 Height135 Thickness (mm)1.6
NameAshgrid bracket SKU26043 Height160 Thickness (mm)1.6


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