Aerolite Soft Touch Ceiling Insulation

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Join Professor Aerolite, the protagonist of our winter campaign, as we debunk insulation myths and shed light on the science behind staying cozy. Explore our campaign to uncover the truth about insulation and discover how our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the way we keep warm. Let's bust myths and embrace the science of comfort together!

Aerolite® Soft Touch

The Key Benefits of Aerolite® Soft Touch Ceiling Insulation

🛠️ Easy installation: Soft and simple.
🌿 Eco-friendly: Made from recycled glass.
💰 Maximized insulation = Minimized costs.
🔥 Fire-safe: No flames or spreading of fire.
🌀 Compressed rolls, superb coverage.

How to install Aerolite® Soft Touch insulation with Isover