Isover Straining Wires

High performance steel wires that provide a foundation for insulation blankets in metal building roofs.
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Designed specifically for metal building roofs, Isover Straining Wires are the high-performance solution for enhancing over purlin insulation support. These high-performance steel wires come in two versatile options: Galvanized Zinc Coating and White PVC Coating to provide protection and aesthetic match for insulation facings.

Key Facts

  • Maintenance free
  • Long product life – will not readily age
  • Helps to prevent sagging and displacement of insulation
  • Simple and easy installation instructions.

Product variations

Articles information
Name SKU CPU length (m) Width (mm) Height Thickness (mm) Weight
NameGalvanised Zinc Straining Wire SKU27260 CPU length (m)1575 Width (mm)260 Height70 Thickness (mm)1.6 Weight25
NameWhite PVC Straining Wire SKU27261 CPU length (m)1380 Width (mm)260 Height70 Thickness (mm)2.3 Weight25


Isover Straining Wires TDS