About Insulation

About insulation

As the world becomes increasingly urbananised and cities grow larger and more densely populated so the energy consumption as well as the CO² emission increases. 

The building sector is responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption and CO² emissions in the world. This has created a demand for a new way of designing projects and building renovations.

Reacting to this situation, more and more local authorities are demanding that their new development projects fulfill the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency while providing the best comfort possible for their inhabitants.

Comfort and energy saving solutions

Better insulation of buildings is amongst the most effective ways to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used in the production of electricity thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Insulation will protect your home against cold, heat and noise providing a comfortable, healthy, safe and quiet space for you and your family. It`s never too late to start saving so if you are building a new house or considering renovating your current home it is vital to include insulation.

New building legislation

The energy efficiency Standard for new buildings and renovations SANS 10400-XA has been implemented and all new buildings must to comply with the performance parameters.

To learn more about the requirements download the energy efficiency booklet on the right.