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Transform your home into a comfortable haven this summer while saving on energy usage costs.

Isover Saint-Gobain

Stay cool with Aerolite® Soft Touch insulation. Save on energy costs and enhance fire safety. 

We can already feel the temperature rising as summer approaches us. Blankets are being packed away and the summer closet is being dug into. South African’s are thriving as the festive period is almost upon us. Why not enjoy a peaceful and comfortable home during the scorching season?

Aerolite® Soft Touch provides a high resistance to the flow of heat through the building envelope of your home which limits the impact of the outside temperature variations helping to maintain a stable and comfortable living environment.

A buck for your pocket (similar idiom for saving money)

Did you know that most of the heat gained and lost is from your homes roof space?

Aerolite® Soft Touch ceiling insulation reduces heat flow out of your home in winter and into your home in summer by up to 30%, thus lowering energy consumption and reducing your electricity expenses. Opting for non-energy reliant sources for heating and cooling systems is the way to go. Quality to remember long after the price is forgotten

Fire Safety

It is essential that homeowners, builders, and contractors are aware of the implications of the national building regulation (SANS 10400-XA Ed. 2) which focuses on energy efficiency. The standard stipulates the minimum insulation thermal performance required to ensure occupants comfort and safety.  Implementing fire safety measures within buildings is also governed by regulations in South Africa.

Adding to its thermal and acoustic properties, effective insulation literally adds a layer of safety to your home. Aerolite® Soft Touch is non-combustible, which means it does not burn when exposed to fire and will not spread flames, emit smoke, or spontaneously combust. Aerolite® has a classification of A/A1/1 and A1, S1, d0 in accordance with SANS 428 and EN 13501, thus providing safety within your home and giving you the peace of mind, you deserve.

Local is Lekker

Aerolite® is locally manufactured using up to 80% recycled glass, naturally occurring silica sand and fluxing agents which is combined to form glasswool. Furthermore, it doesn’t emit toxic fumes or smoke, is bio-soluble and has a Class III rating according to the World Health Organisation.

Aerolite is the only locally manufactured glasswool ceiling insulation product in South Africa which holds tremendous benefits for the environment if one would compare it to imported counterparts. It also supports our local market, industry, and workforce to grow the local economy.

Made from quality material to ensure long lasting performance and value for money.

Your peaceful haven

Upgrade your home and elevate the thermal and acoustics of your living spaces. Protection from external noise adds to the sense of security and privacy in your home, enhancing overall comfort. Sound can also affect your mood and wellbeing, and if your household is busy with multi-functional spaces and several activities co-existing, it’s beneficial to manage acoustics, especially if you have an open plan design. Aerolite® insulation helps reduce noise transmission from the external environment into your home creating a more peaceful and comfortable interior. Aerolite® can also be used to control noise within the house by absorbing sound and reducing reverberation time allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of surround sound systems.

Raise the value of your property, reducing the carbon footprint and create an energy efficient home with Aerolite® Soft Touch

Lookout for Aerolite® Soft Touch in local retail hardware stores or visit our website (scan QR code/ www.isover.co.za) to find your nearest approved home installer.