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Save money on your monthly electricity bills by increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home

Save on your electricity bills

Installing insulation in your home is key to unlocking ideal comfort in your living spaces. However, a common misconception is that insulation is a luxury when it is in fact a requirement as stated in the national building regulations. Aerolite Soft Touch®, a locally manufactured ceiling insulation, serves as a solution that reduces heat flow in and out of your building, saving you money on your electricity bills.

Insulation saves you money

South Africa’s mounting energy crisis means that we need to think of innovative ways to save electricity in our homes, making it more energy efficient. Insulating a typical home’s ceiling will cost you less than the total building cost per square metre, yet ceiling insulation is one of the few building materials that will save you money for the lifespan of your home. 
Aerolite® Soft Touch provides the user with lifelong savings on their electricity bills as heat is retained in winter and it reduces the need for cooling interventions in summer. Opting for non-energy reliant sources for your heating and cooling system is the way to go.
Aerolite® Soft Touch complies with SANS 10400-XA National Building Standards. By using the correct thickness of ceiling insulation according to your region, you could lower your energy consumption and reduce electricity expenses. Find the required thickness for your region here

Get the right insulation for your building

Isover and Saint-Gobain have committed ourselves, to making the world a better home, and are prioritising fire safety in our recycled glasswool product offerings and processes. Fire-compliant building materials make a valuable contribution to building resilient communities, which Isover prides itself in.

The implementation of fire safety measures in buildings are also governed by regulations in South Africa. Aerolite Soft Touch® is a non-combustible ceiling insulation which has a classification of A/A1/1 and A1, S1, d0 in accordance with SANS 428 and EN 13501, thus providing safety within your home and giving you the peace of mind, you deserve.

Lookout for Aerolite Soft Touch® in local retail hardware stores or find your nearest approved home installer.