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Factory Lite

Metal buildings, like all structures, are vulnerable to fire – underscoring the importance of adhering to the SANS 10400-T fire-safety legislation for occupants’ safety. Saint-Gobain Isover, a global leader in manufacturing high-performance insulation products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, ensures strict compliance by manufacturing insulation solutions that not only excel in performance but also limit the spread of fire. 

Insulation solution

Isover’s Factorylite®, combined with Ash & Lacy’s AshGrid™ Spacer System, strikes a harmonious balance between performance, safety and aesthetics:  

The non-combustible Factorylite® has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties while providing a variety of finishings with Isover’s facing offering, making it suitable for installation in factories and warehouses. Factorylite® is manufactured from high-quality, non-combustible flexible Glasswool insulation with an inert binder, which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient. 
The AshGrid™ Spacer System is a non-combustible metal spacer system that protects insulation from compression, maintaining full thermal resistance without the risk of fire. The spacer system is designed for use in new and existing buildings.  

Legislatively compliant 

SANS 10400-XA mandates the use of a mechanical spacer system to prevent compression of the insulation blankets from roof elements. Insulation performance is reliant on multiple factors, one of them being the thickness of the blanket. Ash & Lacy’s reliable AshGrid™ Spacer System safeguards Factorylite® from compression and maximises the performance of the insulation roll, guaranteeing optimal performance and value for money. 

Issue: Fire safety and thermal comfort in metal buildings. 

Solution: Legislatively compliant metal building insulation solutions combine to deliver performance and safety.