EPS: Insulation for buildings, coldrooms, pipes and vessels
Sagex has more than 50 years experience in the manufacture of EPS and introduced the product into the South African market. The use of EPS for thermal insulation results in significant energy savings, drastically decreasing the emission of polluting gasses, which contributes to reducing the greenhouse gas effect.
EPS Product
EPS Application
EPSEPS ProductEPS Application

Key benefits

Resistant to vibration
Low mass
Thermally efficient
CFC and HCFC free, physiologically and chemically harmless
Resistant to aging, mildew, bacteria and rot
Easily cut and worked (fine toothed saw and conventional hand tools)
Easily bonded - ensure adhesive is compatible with EPS
Easily painted using high quality acrylic PVA applied by brush or spray

Technical Properties

ConductivityK0,038W/m.K15 kg/m³
ConductivityK0,035W/m.K20 kg/m³
ConductivityK0,033W/m.K30 kg/m³
Typical values
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Variants Details


SKU Thickness Width Length
10923 (15 D) 25 1220 2440
10930 (20 D) 25 1220 2440
10937 (30 D) 25 1220 2440


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  • Flame retardant EPS distinctly reduces the flammability and the spread of flame on the surface of foamed articles. This product is self-extinguishing as soon as the ignition source is removed
  • Sagex FR grade (Styfrene unfaced) has obtained a B/B1/2/H&V with and without sprinklers when tested in accordance with SANS 428


Sagex EPS has a 50 year proven track record as a cost competitive insulation material with application in a wide range of industries. Excellent thermal properties, lightweight and other user-friendly features combine to provide almost infinite product potential.


ISO 9001 EPS Springs