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Create an energy efficient home and save up to 30% of your heating and cooling costs by installing Aerolite Soft Touch ceiling insulation in your home

Create an energy efficient home

South Africa’s mounting energy crisis means that we need to think of innovative ways to save electricity in our homes, making it more energy efficient.

Temperatures in your roof space can get quite intense and if your ceiling isn’t insulated, the stored heat will penetrate and transfer into your living spaces. Aerolite® Soft Touch is a friendly Glasswool ceiling insulation that you need to create a barrier to prevent this from happening.

We have hit high temperatures this summer and your first instinct was probably to switch on a cooling system to keep the interior temperatures of your home cool and comfortable. Aerolite® Soft Touch provides the user with long term savings on their electricity bills as heat is retained in winter and it reduces the need for cooling interventions in summer. With the right ceiling insulation, you could feel a 5°C difference throughout the year. This 5°C difference is a significant amount that would minimise the need for any conventional heating and cooling interventions to keep a home thermally comfortable.

What to consider when choosing insulation for your ceiling:

  • R-value 
  • Thickness
  • Quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Maintenance
  • Price
  • Long-term savings

Aerolite® Soft Touch complies with SANS 10400-XA National Building Standards. In a nutshell, this legislation stipulates that new homes are now required to have insulation installed. If you’re thinking of retrofitting your home, ceiling insulation is a great place to start when improving the comfort and energy rating of your home. 

South Africa is split up into different energy zones based on the amount of heating and cooling energy required to bring internal temperatures of buildings in the different regions to thermal comfort levels.  Minimum thermal resistance (R-Value) is then prescribed for each energy zone. By using the correct specification (thickness) of ceiling insulation according to your region, you could lower your energy consumption and reduce electricity expenses. Find the required R-value and thickness for your region here.

Look out for Aerolite Soft Touch® in local retail hardware stores or find your nearest approved home installer.