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ULTIMATE Thermal Insulation

ULTIMATE caters for thermal insulation in the South African industrial and technical markets.

A high quality mineral wool for high temperature applications.

ULTIMATE'S unique lightness, due to its shot free nature, means that it delivers equivalent or better thermal insulation compared to traditional Stonewool at approximately half the weight.

The U Thermo range offers a new standard

ULTIMATE is the result of more than 20 years of intense research to develop a new generation mineral wool with excellent thermal performance for high temperature applications. Isover South Africa benefited from the experience gained in Europe where ULTIMATE was developed and launched in 2004. 

Ultimate Range

ULTIMATE products are non-combustible and cover entire range of operating temperatures from 350°C up to 660°C required for industrial applications.

Ultimate plant process

Production Process

1. Batch
2. Melting
3. Fiberising
4. Forming
5. Cutting
6. Packaging
7. Storage

ULTIMATE is produced from finely ground and blended batch materials which are melted at 1500°C in an electric furnace and then conditioned in a gas fired fore-hearth. Our unique patented technology is used to produce ULTIMATE mineral fibres. These fibres are extruded by centrifugal force through horizontal spinners, ensuring excellent control of the fibre length and diameter resulting in a totally shot free product. 

Due to the tight control of the process, the variability in the density of the products is reduced, and the spun fibre is then collected in a chamber and conveyed to an oven where it is cured under controlled conditions to the required thickness and density.