Case Study


Jacob Parker Architects
Project manager

My Domain Student Living, based in Cape Town, was designed to maximise the student experience of those living off-campus. The success of this project hinged on the strategic use of lightweight materials. This not only helped save costs and floor space, but also ensured expedient completion of the project. Furthermore, Saint-Gobain’s solutions complied with the fire requirements of SANS 10400-Part T, thereby act in accordance with the National Building Regulations. As the project progressed, it became evident that the Saint-Gobain systems provided a comfortable environment in terms of thermal and acoustic aspects.


Challenge 1 – The property was an existing industrial building, and it posed difficulties for installing plumbing and electrical services.

Challenge 2 – There was a need to maximise the amount of lettable space inside the living areas since student accommodation is in high demand.

Challenge 3 – Student accommodation requires durable walls and acoustic comfort to support optimal student learning and living.


Walls-Gypframe® UltraSTEEL® wall frame stud and track, RhinoBoard® FireStop® dB plasterboard, RhinoBoard® MoistureResistant plasterboard

Insulation-Cavitybatt™ glasswool acoustic and thermal wall insulation.
Plasters-The drywall system was completed with the luxurious RhinoLite® CreteStone® skimmed plaster finish, resulting in smooth walls.

Mortars- Weber-tylon®  WB 270 Self-Leveling Screed is an
advanced, high strength polymer based
underlayment developed for residential & commercial applications.

Plasters- The drywall system was completed with the luxurious RhinoLite® CreteStone® skimmed plaster finish, resulting in smooth walls.


“As student accommodation is classified as a residential building fire safety is important. The specified fire rated systems from Saint-Gobain adhered to the building standards.”

“Interestingly, at MD2 we had passage walls of brickwork, and our common Wi-Fi system gave huge problems because the signal could not penetrate the brickwork. So, there is a definite benefit for using drywalls in terms of reticulation costs of internet infrastructure.” 

“Saint-Gobain project pack assisted the building professional with a high level of specification and detail as to minimise their time spent on related element documentation”

“The regular Saint-Gobain site visits, on-site training and site reports ensured installation compliance to specification and offered us all peace of mind.” 

Justin Betts – Swish Property Developers