Case Study


Robert Silke Partners
JW Hugo Construction

Building Summary

Step into a world of extraordinary living at The Onyx, where the boundaries between hotel luxury living and residential comfort blend seamlessly. The success of the project is a testament to the visionary partnership between Signatura and Nedbank CIB, combined with the exceptional design expertise of Robert Silke's team. By harmoniously blending into an exceptional location, superior quality, great value, and contemporary living, The Onyx stands as a beacon of innovation in the real estate industry. Behind the scenes, the project faced unique challenges that demanded quick solutions and lightweight materials. With our drywall systems, we achieved outstanding acoustic, fire, and thermal performance setting new benchmarks. Drawing on our trusted Saint-Gobain details and specifications, refined through collaboration with designers and engineers, we delivered solutions tailored to specific site requirements.

Project Challenges


  • Challenge 1- 
    The project required a fast track, clean and lightweight solution that fitted the budget.
  • Challenge 2 –  There was a need to develop bespoke systems and specifications for the wet areas of the development.
  • Challenge 3 – The customised systems and specifications seamlessly integrated with the design and architectural vision of the project.



“We have found in dealing with many of the end users that we build for that drywall has become the norm and is perfectly acceptable in the industry, this is a mind change that has taken several years to overcome.”

“The major saving the client enjoys is hidden in the time-frame of the wet work trade which will reduce the contract period by 25%, which on a project like The Onyx is about a 3 month saving in time.”

“Our time schedules to build a 30 m2 brick wall, plastered and painted takes 25 - 30% more time than doing the 162 mm drywall specification required on this project.”

Juan Hugo – JW Hugo Construction