Where to install insulation will depend on the type and design of the equipment or process to be insulated.

The more that you insulate the more you will save in energy costs and increased efficiency.

However, where to put the insulation will depend on the equipment or process involved, and how it has been designed.

The primary consideration must always be safety, and therefore hot pipes and equipment within a working area must be insulated, especially if they are operating at above 60°C. The same applies to chilled pipes and equipment operating at more than 25°C below ambient.

Insulating hot or cold processes and plant will make them more economical and environment-friendly to run, as they will require less energy, and therefore be responsible for less atmospheric emissions. However, efficient insulation will also make a process more thermally stable and thus help to reduce breakdowns and maintenance costs.

As well as providing thermal and fire performance, ISOVER insulation products also excellent acoustically, and will help to reduce noise transmission through and from pipe and ductwork systems, and from noisy equipment, such as chimneys and turbines, which can be very beneficial, particularly where plant is close to residential areas
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