The ISOVER ULTIMATE product is a new generation of high-performance mineral wool made by ISOVER, the world market leader for insulation solutions.

ULTIMATE combines all of the advantages of conventional mineral wool products in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, with substantial weight savings. This gives you ULTIMATE safety, with performance you can rely on.

With ULTIMATE you save so much more

An excellent balance in every respect: ULTIMATE's thermal performance guarantees an increase in energy efficiency while at the same time significantly lowering operating costs and CO2-emissions. Since ULTIMATE comes with an exceptionally light weight and compressed packaging, it requires much less transportation and storage capacity and is also easier and faster to install - saving costs on site. Save money, time, space and the environment.

The all-in-one solution to meet your demands.
  • Unique lightness
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Optimal acoustic performance
  • Maximum compressibility
  • Comfortable installation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Active environmental protection
  • Fast installation
  • Cost effective solution
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