EPS: A rigid faced board for roof and wall insulation
Kulite is a rigid laminated expanded polystyrene insulation board consisting of a core of flame retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) faced on both sides with various combinations of reflective aluminium foil and lacquered foil facings.

All EPS used in Kulite is flame retardant which causes the material to shrink away from an ignition source reducing the risk of further burning.

The EPS used in Kulite manufacturing has a density of 16 kg/m3.
Kulite Product
Kuite Application
Kulite ProductKuite Application

Key benefits

Lifelong energy savings
Lightweight and easy to handle
CFC and HFC free, physiologically and chemically harmless
Kulite is generally unaffected by extreme temperature variations (- 150˚C to 70˚C)

Technical Properties

ConductivityK0,036W/m.K16 kg/m³

Variants Details


SKU Thickness Width Length Thermal resistance
10976 25 1220 2440 0,69


Standard items (3 - 7 working days)
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Made to order items (7 - 15 working days)
25mm EPS with an aluminium foil backing and white lacquered Alufoil facing as tested in accordance with SANS 428 protocal achieved a class B/B1 rating.


  • Commercial and industrial building insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Installed over purlin in T-sections
  • New buildings or retrofit


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