Glasswool: Snap on pipe insulation for geyser pipes
Geyser Pipe Insulation is a pre-formed, rigid, resin bonded Glasswool section of 1 metre in length. A single longitudinal slit allows the section to open to encompass the pipe and snap closed after placement.
Geyser Pipe Insulation

Key benefits

Lifelong energy savings
Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
Maintenance free
Available in a wide range of pipe bore and insulation thickness
Long product life
Ease of installation
Ease of fabrication - on site modifications are easy
Condensation control

Technical Properties

ConductivityK0,04W/m.K12 kg/m³
Typical values

Variants Details


SKU Thickness Width Length Thermal resistance Quantity
11607 (Pipe) 15 10 1000 1,00 5


Standard items (3 - 7 working days)
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Made to order items (7 - 15 working days)
  • Class 1 fire index - tested to SANS 10177 Part 3
  • Conforms to ASTM C547 for punking (fire) using ASTM C411 test method


Geyser Pipe Insulation is specifically designed for application to both hot and cold service piping systems operating at temperatures from -20℃ up to 450℃. Suitable for application on chilled water and refrigerated lines, hot water, steam and condensate lines, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.