Energy efficient buildings (new constructions or renovated existing buildings) can be defined as buildings that are designed to provide a significant reduction of the energy need for heating and cooling, independently of the energy and of the equipment’s that will be chosen to heat or cool the building.

This can be achieved through the following elements:

  1. bioclimatic architecture: shape and orientation of the building, solar protections, passive solar systems
  2. high performing building envelope: thorough insulation, high performing glazing and windows, air-sealed construction, avoidance of thermal bridges
  3. high performance controlled ventilation: mechanical insulation, heat recovery

Only when the building has been designed to minimise the energy loss, it makes sense to start looking at the energy source (including renewable energy) and at the heating and cooling equipments.
We designate this approach as the Trias Energetica concept.

How to design and build an energy efficient building
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