Cost Saving Calculator

Typically during the winter and summer months, you may use electrical heating or cooling devices to regulate the internal temperature of your home to meet your comfort needs. This will result in an increased electricity bill. Try out the cost savings calculator to determine how much you could save if Aerolite insulation is installed in the ceiling of your home

Ceiling area (m²)
( If you have a multi-story, provide the footprint of the roof only. i.e. the area that will be insulated )
Tarrif (c/KwH)
( the average tariff is pre-filled for your convenience. )
( your tariff can be sourced from your electricity bill or local service provider )
Roll Thickness
Savings over 1 month:
Payback Period
( the period of time taken for the purchase of Aerolite to pay for itself through savings in energy costs once installed )

( this figure is a representation of years and months combined )
If you insulate with you would save approximately on your total heating costs
Material quantity required: rolls

Please note: Actual amounts to be sourced on electricity bill or local service provider websites.

Please note: The figures provided by this calculator are indicative and only relevant for homes using electric heating and cooling methods. They are also based on internal (Saint-Gobain) testing. The payback period excludes installation costs as these may vary according to installer and area. The payback period provided is calculated using a 5 month heating/cooling period in a year.