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Product Range and Properties

When planning a project, the specific insulation requirements with regards to thermal, acoustic and fire properties need to be considered before selecting the product that best meets these requirements.


With over 55 years experience in the South African insulation market, Isover`s 7 local manufacturing sites produce a wide range of insulation materials. Glasswool and ULTIMATE are manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and ISO 9001 is currently being implemented in the Foams operation. 

Glasswool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulation materials made from a combination of naturally occurring minerals, fluxing agents and up to 80% recycled glass. Our glasswool range provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation solutions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

ULTIMATE is a new generation non-combustible mineral wool with excellent thermal performance for high temperature applications in the industrial and technical markets. ULTIMATE is produced from finely ground, blended batch materials and is the result of more than 20 years of intense research and development conducted in Europe.

Sagex is Isover South Africa’s Foams division manufacturing a range of expanded polystyrene which offers a choice of lightweight, high compressive strength and water resistant insulation solutions for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Isover product data sheets are colour coded with an application colour that denotes the typical application of the product.

Application colour codes
  Partition Walls   Flat Roofs
  Walls   Pitched Roofs
  Floors   Metallic Buildings
  Technical Installation   Ceilings

Attached to most product data sheet are:

  • Installation methods
  • Architectural specifications
  • Construction details